Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creepy Mummy Dolls by Shain Erin

Creepy Mummy Dolls by Shain Erin

By Village Mayor

”This is a new series of small figures I began recently with the theme of mummies. I’ve always been fascinated with mummies – they are like time capsules of ancient cultures and the lives of individual people. They are like books waiting for an audience.

From an artistic standpoint they are a great vehicle for playing with unusual expressive possibilities and narratively, for weaving a spell of time, mystery and secrets.” – Shain Erin about his Mummy dolls.

Mixed media including fabric and Paperclay were used to make these little creepy and scary dolls.

So the next time your kid misbehaves, try buying one of these dolls as a present for his birthday.

Sculpture #21

Sculpture #19

Sculpture #18

Sculpture #17


Sculpture #10

Sculpture #16

Sculpture #14

Sculpture #11

Sculpture #4

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